LiuGong Rolls Out Two F-Series Excavators – and One Has Zero Tail Swing

Aimed at contractors for residential and commercial construction, including grading, trenching and fencing, LiuGong has introduced two new excavators to the North American market.

The LiuGong 9027F is a true zero tail-swing, 2.7-metric-ton excavator, and the 9018F represents the smallest of the company’s F-series

The 9027F enables operators to dig parallel to the dozer blade, which is advantageous for operations close to walls and backfilling. It pushes 2,698 psi through the slew circuit. 

The excavator’s main hydraulic pump delivers 23.8 gallons per minute main and uses a proportional control valve for better management of hydraulic flow to attachments. Operators can engage the flow rate for the hammer-shear and hydraulic thumb from the monitor.

Hydraulic control for travel, boom swing, arm and bucket are engaged through travel pedals and joysticks. Auxiliary hydraulic functions are controlled by electrical proportional solenoids for precise control.

9027F Specs:

Operating weight (with cab): 6,063 poundsT4F Yanmar engine: 20.4 horsepower Max pump flow rate: 23.8 gpm Max pressure: 3,133 psi Standard bucket capacity: 0.065 cubic yards Bucket/cutting width: 15.75 inches. Bucket breakout force: 4,496 foot-pounds Arms digging force: 2,698 foot-pounds Max digging depth: 9 feet, 4 inches. Swing speed: 9.5 rpm Arm length: 4 feet, 3 inches Max dump height: 10 feet,1 inch

LiuGong’s 9018F is built for operating in hard to maneuver places.LiuGong

Even smaller and tighter is LiuGong’s 9018F compact excavator. The 9018F’s retractable undercarriage gives you access to restrictive workspaces. Its 51-inch outside-to-outside tread measurement retracts to just 39 inches, allowing it to pass between onsite obstructions and through most bay doors.

Better fuel consumption is achieved through a more efficient hydraulic system that requires 15% to 20% less engine power than its predecessor. For more precise operation, the load-sensitive hydraulic system’s main pump uses a proportional control valve, which better manages flow distribution for all attachments.

Back-filling with the dozer blade no longer requires the operator to remove his or her hand from blade control to change travel speed. By simply pressing the top of the handle, an operator can now select high or low speed travel.

9018F Specs

Operating weight (with cab): 4,189 pounds. Engine: 18 hp, T4F Yanmar Max pump flow rate: 14.5 gpm Max pressure: 3,046 psi Standard bucket capacity: 0.06 cubic yards Bucket/cutting width: 19.7 inches Bucket breakout force: 3,597 foot-poundsArms stick force: 2,023 foot-poundsDigging depth: 7 feet, 5 inches. Swing speed: 9.5 rpm Arm length: 3 feet, 5 inches. Max dump height: 7 feet, 7 inchesDigging height: 11 feet, 1 inch 
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