Process More in Less Time with Cat’s New MH3026 Material Handler

An advanced electrohydraulic system for Cat’s new MH3026 material handler gives you a balance of power and efficiency to improve cycle times. The result is more material processed in less time, and that spells better ROI for waste and scrap metal applications.

A Cat C7.1 engine cranks out 128 horsepower and can operate on B20 biodiesel. The maintenance-free exhaust aftertreatment system maximizes uptime and lowers operating costs. Power and economy mode choices mean you only burn the amount of fuel needed to do the job, resulting in 10% lower fuel use compared to previous models, says the company.

Stronger swing torque

A new front linkage on the MH3026 reaches up to 42 feet 8 inches. The swing torque is 20% greater to move material faster. A heavy-lift mode gives you extra capacity when you need it, and Cat’s SmartBoom can travel up and down without using pump flow. This adds additional fuel efficiency and allows the operator to focus on grapple control for smoother operation.

For safety, Cat’s E-fence system comes standard and prevents the machine and attachment from moving outside parameters set by the operator in the cab. This can eliminate the possibility of hitting the cab with the attachment or running into adjacent structures in a tight work envelope. A pin code prevents unauthorized operation of the machine.

Multiple cameras

Large tempered glass windows with small pillars on the re-engineered cab protect the operator and enhance all-around visibility and operating safety. Standard right-side and rearview cameras, upgradable to 360-degree vision, display video feed on the large in-cab touchscreen monitor to further enhance work area visibility. Thicker impact-resistant windshields and roof windows meet EN356, P8B and P5A standards.

Another important safety feature, standard boom and stick lowering check valves, reverse oil flow in the event of an unexpected loss of hydraulic pressure keeping the front linkage secure in place. All daily maintenance points are quickly accessed from ground level, while a new service platform with steps provides safe and quick access to the upper service area. 

Easy access

For creature comforts, Cat is offering a choice between deluxe and premium designs. A joystick option eliminates the steering column and improves forward visibility, legroom and ease of entry. The left-hand console tilts up for exiting.

A 10-inch, high-resolution touchscreen monitor with jog dial offers easy navigation of the operator controls. Different machine operators can store their specific joystick and preferred power mode settings, and the machine automatically recalls the settings based on the operator ID. The cab sits tops out at 18 feet 10 inches to improve visibility for loading and material handling.

All engine filters and the new air-intake filter are coordinated to be changed at 1,000 hours. The hydraulic oil-filter change interval has been extended to 3,000 hours, and new anti-drain values keep hydraulic fluid clean during replacement.

Quick specs:

Engine: 128 horsepowerOperating Weight: 55,601-57,651 lbs.Maximum Travel Speed:16 mph
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