Product roundup: Hammerhead Takes On Small-Diameter Steel Pipe Extraction

Hammerhead Trenchless is now offering the SLX1300 trenchless pipe extractions system for small-diameter steel natural gas services. 

The system replaces coated and bare steel service lines 0.5 to 1.25 inches in diameter up to 100 feet in length. The hydraulically powered SLX1300 produces up to 13.3 tons of pulling force to extract the pipe from the ground while simultaneously pulling HDPE or MDPE pipe into the same location as the existing pipe, mitigating risk to surrounding utilities.

The 4-foot-wide by 4-foot-long unit features an on-board pipe shear the operator uses to cut pipe material as it’s extracted into manageable segments for disposal. The unit can be transported on the back of a standard pickup.

While the SLX1300 is designed for steel pipe, preliminary field testing on additional pipe materials is underway.

Faster, easier HDD tooling connections with Vermeer Ultra X3 drilling system

Dowel pins, rather than splines, join the tooling to the rod for quicker change outs.Vermeer

Vermeer has expanded its horizontal directional drilling tool lineup with the new Ultra X3 Drilling system for utility-size rigs. It uses a non-torqued spline connection and is compatible for a wide range of pilot bit and pullback configurations.

Two knock-out dowel pins allow you to swap tooling quickly, and in certain applications, you can eliminate starter rods and adapters. It also gives you the capability of reaming directly from the transmitter housing.

By eliminating a spline-type connection, the tooling doesn’t have to be threaded on, and there is no need for breakout tongs to make and break the torqued tooling connections. To join the tool to the rod, you simply align the spline on the tooling with the spline on the housing and then secure the two pieces by tapping in the dowel pins.

The system is capable of handling reaming diameters up to 10 inches in most conditions from the transmitter housing. It’s also set up to use a full offering of plate bits and rock tooling like the Vermeer Gauntlet, Lance and single roller cone bits.

The Ultra X3 housing uses a standard API rear connection and also works with quick-connect systems like the Vermeer QuickFire HD connection system. In some applications, the Ultra X3 system can reduce the size of the exit pit since it doesn’t require the housing be removed for most pullbacks and crews can changeover from pilot to pullback in a smaller space.

The Ultra X3 is available in three sizes covering all HDD models rated up to the 40,000-pound drill range.

Direct-attach bumpers for PACCAR medium-duty trucks simplify winch installations
Braden bumpers on two work trucks
Both of Braden’s new bumper and winch systems are designed in compliance with SAE J706 and will accommodate the PD18 Planetary Recovery Winch.

Braden has introduced new direct bolt-on utility winch bumper options for new PACCAR medium-duty trucks as part of its UBX20 and PD18 utility bumper and planetary recovery winch systems. Available for Kenworth and Peterbilt Aero and Vocational models, the designs allow the bumpers to be attached directly to the chassis with no need for custom mounting brackets or welding.

Both bumper systems are engineered to deliver maximum winch line pull ratings of 20,000 pounds. They are available for Kenworth T480, T380, T280 and T180 models and Peterbilt 548, 537, 536 and 535 trucks.

The UBX20 utility bumper is available with TR20 and PD18 planetary recovery winch models. Featuring a lighter and more aerodynamic design, the UBX20 has a reinforced steel frame with two tow-eyes for maximum pulling capabilities.

Both of Braden’s new bumper and winch systems are designed in compliance with SAE J706 and will accommodate the PD18 Planetary Recovery Winch.

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